July 14, 2011

Red Velvet Twilight Cake

I made this lovely, blood red, red velvet birthday cake for the daughter of a friend last year. She's a HUGE Twilight fan. Just like me. Since she loves Twilight so much (we've had Twilight marathons) I thought it only appropriate to give her a really cool cake that I knew she'd love just as much as the movies. And to make it even cooler...more "vampire" like, I made red velvet cake. Alice and Jacob are her two favorite characters so I made sure to put "Team Alice" and "Team Jacob" on the cake along with Kierra's name and "Twilight." I painted them on in gold in the "Be Safe" script.

Naturally I HAD to take a picture of the inside of the cake as well. It was just too cool not to. Yes, I'm weird. And yes, I'm obsessed with vampire novels...and cake, lots of cake. I made a 16" round double layer cake for the bottom tier and the top is a 4 layer 8" square cake. I was going for some "WOW" factor with this cake. I'm pretty proud of this cake and I had a blast making it.

Happy Birthday Kierra!

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